A lot of ship owners or vessels call on us to provide them crew to be fixed unto their vessels. We supply the following type of crew:

  • Cadet Officers
  • AB( Abled Bodies)
  • Oilers
  • Bosuns
  • Motormen
  • Cooks/Stewards
  • 2nd Officers
  • Chief Engineers


Our Agency has well qualified staff and resource persons who aid in providing vital training management to all crews at all times.

Our management of crew include:

  • Gathering a pool of seafarers through contacts and advertisement,
  • ensuring that each crew has all the necessary documents and certification
  • Selecting the most competent crew through proper scrutiny.
  • Provision of adequate materials and tools for crews
  • Preparing crew properly and timely to meet schedules
  • Establishing good salary payment system for crew
  • Provision of free financial advisory services to all seafarers
  • Seafarers safety is our priority hence, we do proper checks on vessels before crew are allowed on board.
  • Providing transparent but good contract for all crew. │


As a shipping company mainly for recruitment we also make sure we get available crew to supply on board of vessels.

We provide consultancy to;

Individuals who want to go into marine jobs, mainly being a seaman (seafarer). We orient such people on how to get their certificate through the Ghana Maritime Authority or the Ghana Maritime University.

We give an induction, the details of sea works and guide individuals who wish to sail for the first time

We provide consultancy service to bodies, group and other agency to do their work more properly.

Individual seafarers also consult our agency when they have challenges


To be able to maintain our core vision of providing most competent seafarers (seaman), it is against our company‘s policies to recruit a crew without induction and training. We ensure that, before a crew is sent on board of a vessel, each crew is given a special orientation.

Irrespective of the crew experience we do not compromise in any way our standards of operation. Each crew goes through

Video induction: our crew watches videos on their various areas of expertise. Our facilitator ask questions based on the videos and operations.

Other trained and experienced seafarers asked practical questions and teach the crew more about their work. This reminds the crew of things which they might have forgotten.

Others who lack certain types of training are sent to the Ghana Maritime University or Ghana Maritime Authority for training.

YEM shipping Agency has high standard set for its crew, good training and induction.

YEM Shipping Agency Limited is a fully registered Agency among the few list of Agencies on the Ghana Maritime Authority. Proper scrutiny of documents and checks on competencies are our hallmark.